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The art of Bro. Kadir Nelson



off to see the wizard


off to see the wizard

That awkward moment when you’re left with a friend of a friend, and there`s silence until the other friend returns.
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Cars We Love by Cihan Ünalan

"This series started out of the passion I have for these iconic cars that made a big impact on all of our lives."

Not cool…….

Not cool…….

Next Friday (2000)

"This is what happens when you die. That is what happens when he dies. And that is what happens when they die. It’s all very personal."


Artist and illustrator Stephen Andrade painted this awesome movie mashup depicting the giant worms from Tremors, Beetlejuice and Dune competing against each other in The Great Sandworm Race. He also created a brilliant version in which the image was digitally enhanced to look like a vintage pulp book cover. Andrade created the painting last year for Gallery1988's Crazy 4 Cult 7 group exhibition in New York City.

Visit Stephen Andrade’s website to check out more of his artwork.

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